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On Valentine's Day- it is hard to know what is an appropriate le

On Valentine's Day, it is hard to know what is an appropriate level of gift. Do you go full blown romantic and spend half your wages on as much heart shaped shite as possible? Do you go homemade and knock out a personalised mixtape? Do you bin fotboll tröjor barn the entire day off and just dismiss it as greeting card company bollocks? In January 2013 the former Liverpool striker shared the presents he'd bought his sister for her birthday, via Twitter. Nothing too wrong with that you may think, and usually, we'd agree with you. There's nothing at all wrong with someone being excited to give their family gifts. There is a big problem, however, when one of those gifts is a Victoria's Secrets lingerie set. Who in their right mind buys their sister lingerie? And not only that, then goes onto brag about fotbollströjor the purchase on social media, as if it's the most natural thing in the world? Many good lingerie shops in Milan I hear. Fabio Borini's sister will be happy I honestly think Fabio Borini's decision to dye his hair is worse to tweet about buying his sister Victoria's Secret underwear
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Sunday, July 14, 2019
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